Moobo Maestro

The ultimate urban interactive Kiosk

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The ultimate urban interactive Kiosk
An urban interactive kiosk, MAESTRO belongs in the city. With an elongated profile, it is the best display for its multifunctionality. Besides being a streetlamp, through the integration of a top module, MAESTRO also serves as a wayfinding point and as an information display, while being able to provide free WI-FI to those around it. Its wide, high quality display can exhibit paid or city information. With the option to have a solar panel installed, MAESTRO transforms into a partially self-sustained device, that can even supply energy to power nearby connected devices. It is a product sure to catch the passer-by’s eye and improve city living.

The information you need, at a glance.
Maestro has multiple applications, depending on the integrated widgets or sensors. Among other examples, it can display the several public transports information, accurate weather forecast through the use of a built-in weather sensor and even advertising to boost your kiosk’s profitability.

Customizable top

With a modular top element, Maestro features the option to customize the top according to your specific needs.

Details that matter
The vertical blades are the characteristic element of this terminal, featured in the bottom element, and in the top module.

Dodatne informacije


Intel i3 / i5 / i7


43’’/49’’/55’’/65’’ – 16:9 / 38" – Streched


Omjer stranica



Direct LED S-PVA


4 / 8 / 16GB



Svjetlina cd po m2


Unutarnja memorija

SSD 120 / 240GB